Sunday, August 30, 2009

INCONGRUOUS - Photos of the Week

Thanks to everyone who posted this week. None of these great photos could be left out in choosing shots of the week. Many others were deserving, also.
Doreen's snow bedazzled barbeque.

Pauline's pooch in a pot.

Sandra's airborn sailing seawitch (Pirate Ship).

Mary's hot & cold water source.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here's our first (Wirral) door, Kerri.
SCRIPTOR emailed this photo to me earlier in the week.
The photo is from Wirral, Cheshire, England. Scriptor will be able to tell you much more about the area.
The name, Wirral, means Myrtle-corner. It is believed that there was once a great number of Bog Myrtle on the Wirral Peninsula, even though there are very few, today.
Thanks for being a part of our gang, Scriptor. You live in a beautiful area.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am updating our member links to include hometowns. Please comment, HERE, with your town so I don't have to search for it.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Crisfield, Maryland - Patty's Hometown
Crisfield is the southermost incorporated town in Maryland, located at the mouth of the Annemessex River and flanked by Tangier Sound (population-2000 census: 2723). It is a major distributor of seafood along the U.S. east coast.
In 1666 a 300 acre parcel of land was granted to English settler, Benjamin Summers. After he settled there, a fishing village grew up around him and would soon be called Somers Cove, in his honor.
In 1866 Attorney, John W. Crisfield was instrumental in bringing the Eastern Shore Railroad all the way down to the Crisfield seaport. The town was renamed "Crisfield", honoring his efforts. Crisfield, shortly thereafter, became known as the "seafood capital of the world." By 1904, Crisfield was the second largest city in Maryland, second only to Baltimore. It continues to be famous for its seafood, particularly Maryland crab, and abounds with restaurants, seafood packing houses and seafood distribution companies.
Crisfield is most famous to us as our very own Patty's hometown.
**Information from Wikipedia

Sunday, August 16, 2009

drawing for future topics

I made a list
extracted those who have already choosen topics
extracted those who gave two suggestions
printed the list
cut into pieces
put in a grocery sack
shook well
pulled one by one numbering the list
sorted by number and
TA DA! Starting September 4, we will go in this order. I will ask for a further discription from each of you as it gets close to your week and at that time you can modify your suggestion. I think it would be fair that your name must still be on the list of participants when your time comes in order for us to use your suggestion. Please remember this is about YOUR town. Any questions or other notes?
1 Kerri - "Doors and Windows"
2 Pauline - "Aged & Weathered"
3 Sandy - "Animals" (domesticated)
4 Cindy - "my favorite place to _____"
5 Macro Mama - "Bugs, beautiful and creepy"
6 Jac - "Mirrors (secret worlds)"
7 Carrie - "Silhouettes"
8 Sherri - "Sunsets / sunrises"
9 Ellisa - "Classics / Childhood"
10 Grace Albaug - "entertainment / indoor - outdoor"
11 JarieLyn - outdoor cafes,
12 Kim - "angels"
13 Rebecca - Places of worship (formal or informal?)
14 Kate - Skylines
15 Denise - "a few of my favorite things"
16 Kent - "my town's premier attraction"
17 Sandra Leigh - Fences
18 Vitamin Be-Lardo - "I Could stare at ______ for hours"
19 Scritor Senex - "Birds (real or otherwise)"
20 Sarah - "Faces / Smiles"
21 Emma - "Weather"
22 Chef E - "Aquariums"
22 GigiSzm - Special, what makes your town special"
23 Cynthia L.H. - "Peaceful Oasis"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who were "the dirty dozen?"

When I said the 'dirty dozen' I was, well just saying it. Then J9 left a comment asking who were the dirty dozen, good question. I went back to PattyH's January, February and March of 2009 and picked up when names began to appear in the comments..... here is how our history began. Course this doesn't mean others weren't already participating - but these were commenting.

On Wednesday February 4th both Reggie Girl and Barry show up for the first time on Patty's Crisfield blog.
February 14 GingerV
February 23 Reggie Girl and Patty H begin to invite 'shutter bugs' to take photos of 'funny or interesting or just pretty signs'
February 25 'the pink birdhouse' makes first comment.
February 27 PattyH suggests 'houses' for the next week.
Churches is suggested. Si makes comment
March 1 - J9
March 3 - Reggie girl coins the phrase 'my town shoot-out'
March 5 - 'old houses' is picked
March 13 Butler & Bagman appears with first comment.
March 28 Gordon says visit my 'fishing friends' blog
Loida in China and Jen at my moments
and finally
April 1 - Half Crazy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Handing Over My "Friday Shoot Out" Crown

Bye Bye Birdie
I'm gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Birdie,
Why'd you have to go?

Many of you know the story of how this shoot out began. For you newbies, I started my blog to show off the beauty of my town. Crisfield is indeed a tranquil, beautiful place full of wonderful people. Last February, I met Reggie Girl in Georgia through Blogger. We kidded each other about whose town was the best (I was born and raised in Georgia) and we started the "My Town" shoot out between ourselves. We had no intentions of inviting anyone to join us when we started the shoot outs. But people wanted in, and we thought it would be fun. But it grew too fast.

The newspaper has been keeping me very busy, and trying to keep up with some 70 shoot out members as well as 100 followers, and answering emails from people about our town...well, this has become a job. It is has also limited my time to showcase Crisfield.

When we had a smaller number of members it was easy to stay in touch, laugh, and give each other quality time. I could spend 10 - 20 minutes going over photos and reading the commentary on each blog, maybe more. Sometimes, I went back again to view photos and make more comments. With so many people now, it is hit and miss, and I feel guilty about not having enough time to spend with each member.

I know how much time and effort it takes to get those photos to the Blogosphere. So many of you do a lot of work with both photos and commentary - you know who you are. When running around trying to catch up, I do a lot of hits and misses, and feel bad about not having time to spend with old friends and those who put extraordinary effort into their posts.

Everyone, no matter how large or how small your posts are, have made this a wonderful adventure. But imagine 70 people at your house for a party? You just can't give everyone quality time.

So, I am saying goodbye to the town shoot out for awhile and in fairness, asking that my name be removed from the shoot out list. If I see a subject that I have time to shoot I will still join in but please do not add my name to the list when I do, as I may not be back for weeks.

Since February, I have not missed one assignment. Being a dedicated person to anything that I do, this was a hard but necessary decision for me to make.

When Reggie Girl left due to burnout Gordon took over. We now have GingerV and ChefE on the team. I am passing my crown on to them to share jointly. Thank you, all. You have done a stupendous job!

I will still be visiting and posting when I have time. And when time allows, I will have my name put back on the list, so save a place for me.

To the new administrators of the shoot out: please feel free to take the shoot out in any direction you desire. Also feel free to change the banner, add, delete, make new rules - whatever.

I am not going away - you will still see me, and I hope I will see you.

Bowing Out With Grace, I hope,


Carry on Gordon, GingerV, and ChefE!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Many of our Shoot-out members have mentioned the benefits of using Mr. Linky on the My Town blog for our weekly posts. There would be benefits from using that venue if we continue to receive unlimited membership. However, after reviewing the the downsides of that choice, we have decided that is not the direction we want to pursue.
When Friday Shoot-outs was initiated the vision was very clear. Our goals were to link with new friends, share enjoyable exchanges and photos depicting our home towns, and get to know one another. We, certainly, have done that.
Friday Shoot-outs has reached a point in its development,though, that we are in danger, through rapid growth, of leaving behind the very qualities that have made participation so enjoyable and rewarding. We have attracted some who very seldom or never post. We suspect that others joined because they just wanted to increase the hits on their blog or sell a product. It is unreasonable to expect our faithful members to keep scanning our growing number of links to repeatedly find so many that have very little interest in sharing shots with friends.
Even if all who would join in the future did post weekly, we are approaching a point that it will be impossible to visit and comment on all members' blogs. By diluting our time with so many we would be close friends with no one.
We treasure all of the members of our gang, now. We certainly don't want to lose any of you. However, we have made the decision that after this Friday, we will not, arbitrarily, accept new members. Through attrition, we will lose some members in the future, from various reasons. We will allow the linked membership to be reduced to a maximum of fifty (50) links. When that time comes, we will consider added new members to keep our membership at or below the cap. Chef Elizabeth is doing a terrific job of monitoring inactive shooters. Perhaps she might consider keeping a waiting list of link requests if they arise.
This decision does not prevent other bloggers from participating. They only need to post a shoot-out assignment and announce, through comments on our blogs that they are joining in our fun. We will encourage that. However, they will not be added to our member links unless we are under our cap number of members. We owe it to you faithful members out there to keep active shooters and friends, and to weed out those that are a source of frustration.
The bottom line is that if you enjoy Shoot-outs and want to preserve its mission, we want you here. Perhaps, we will, now, be able to get better acquainted. We are looking forward to a long rewarding relationship with all of you who want the same.
Thank you for your dedication. We hope each of you will be excited about this opportunity.

Town Blogger Team