Friday, December 30, 2011


We are sorry for confusion,
but Sarah has not been able to post the linky this week.
I only have the option to post it on this page.
So you can link up here until we get things straightened out.
If needed, I will move your links for you.

December 30 - End. The end of another year. What is your best memory from this year? or How do you celebrate the end of a year. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spotlight Photos & Help Wanted

Our theme was LIGHTS 
and I am happy to say 
 there was quite a variety of light included 
with all of your photos. 

Here are some Spotlights...

This lit tree by Dawn Treader reminds me of patterns of stars. 
She did a nice job isolating the light 
and keeping the dark background.

Light colored fountains were submitted by Jama.

I love that JarieLyn played with the zoom technique!

And I am a huge sucker for bokeh.
This shot is by Kim.

This is touching by Minor...
lanterns with sentiments to the victims of this year's earthquake in Japan.

And a creative touch by Pauline using natural light.

A nice capture of flames by Ranu. 

Help Wanted...
We are looking for one or two people to help 
with the posting of weekly Spotlight Photos. 
Please leave a comment below if you are interested!

This week's topic: End

December 30 - End. The end of another year. What is your best memory from this year? or How do you celebrate the end of a year. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Double Takes wit Rebecca: Fun with Holiday Lights

For me it is Christmas lights,  
but any lights will work!
Here are some things you can do with lights.

You can make lights seem to twinkle
by using a higher aperture setting.

f25, ISO 400, 30sec on tripod 

If you can attach a filter to your lens,
try using a star filter for this effect.

f 2.8 ISO 1250, 1/60 sec on tripod 
using a 4pt star filter 

Below is an outdoor tree  
covered in blue lights.
If you have a zoom lens you can do this one. 
My camera was on a tripod, 
I selected a slow shutter speed  
and turned the zoom on my camera while  
the shutter was open.  

1/6 sec, ISO 100, f2.8 on tripod
rotating zoom.

And of course, everyone's favorite these days...
The out of focus lights in the background create bokeh.
Use a wide aperture
and add distance between your subject and the lights.

f1.8, ISO 640, 1/200

Do you have any tips for shooting lights?
Please share them,
I'd like to try something new!

I posted Double Takes a week early this month
before the holiday lights come down!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spotlight Photos

Here are some Spotlight Photos for our Wheel theme!

A line up of scooters by Ann

A cutie pie inside the wheel by Coloring Outside the Lines.

An interesting bench on wheels by EGWOW.

A row of wagon wheels by Jarielyn.

A really cool shot through the glass by Mark.

A colorful wheel and a little different 'spin' on the theme by MummyJam.  

And a lovely quilted wheel by QMM.

Thanks everyone for your submissions. 
I think it was a good topic!

Next up is Layers...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spotlight Photos for Imbalance

Well, this was quite the challenging theme. I know I was not sure if I "got it" or not. But our shooters came through with fantastic photos and interpretations of the theme.

Imbalance in photography - Lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things. Shots with strong points of interest on one side of an image and ‘emptiness’ in another area. Misproportioned.






Our theme and challenge for December 9th is Wheels.
 Have fun and HAPPY SHOOTING!!