Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things that Look like Faces

This is a tough one...and a busy season for many of us. 
I hope you all managed to find some faces hiding here and there.  
(Whose idea was this anyway? 
I confess, I'm the guilty one.) 
I hope you had fun with it though. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

FSO- Nov 23 Spotlight photos

Well I went over to Friday Shoot My Town to look at the Spotlight photos and thought.

"Who is the dummy that did not do Spotlight Photos today?"


Our participation has hit a downward spiral recently and folks are busy living their lives and dealing with their situations.
This is the greatest group in cyberspace, I think.
We will carry on and lift each other up as life happens.

Lets look at some spotlights

 Ann knows how to have fun.
I can hear the music.

 If I had a camera like that I would join Jama's group.
Not being an expert I think this is a macro shot.

 Pat is doing the Santa's workshop thing.

  So love her self-portraits.
I really feel like I know you a lot better now Pat.

 Dawn Treader's perfect symmatry.
The Dance of Love

  Dear Pauline, not much choice here.
Good luck and I love the red support.

So I am the dummy signing off for Spotlight Photos this week.

Peggy (QMM) 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free Time

At rest, at play, or in-between...
How do you spend your free time?

I photograph places on trips with my family or camera club friends.
Photo by club friend Kim Stevens.
What do you enjoy doing?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

By request - an announcement/eulogy

You never know what the day will bring, what will happen next.  Most of us never master the art of expecting the unexpected.  I certainly did not expect to be posting a blog on FMTSO today, and maybe not ever.  It is even strange to see my name still listed as someone with posting rights. 

On the way over, I checked my blog and saw that I have not posted since October 6.   As the non-working grandfather, caring for the wild things has become almost full-time and I made it easier on myself by voluntarily (and temporarily) giving up many of my fond and self-fulfilling activities -- blogging, writing, photography.  Don't cry for me.  There is great pleasure in living in the toddler world since I am no longer obsessing about what I would rather be doing.

But this is not about me.  Yesterday, I was flabbergastedly honored (if there is such a thing) by an email request from Ginger that I write and post an announcement/eulogy about her husband, Camillo Machnizh.   As most of you already know, Camillo passed away unexpectedly on October 9th while they were traveling in Italy.

While I was awed and humbled by Ginger's request that I write something, I sit here and wonder what on Earth I could say at a time like this.  Words cannot fill the kind of void that Camillo left.  And yet, I must try.  Perhaps Ginger asked me because she knows that I can babble on about almost anything.

Camillo.  I never actually knew Camillo.  In fact, until I looked at the post she wrote about him in May, I didn't know his last name.  But there is a reality about Blogspot following.  In between the lines we write and the photos we post, a family grows and emotional connections are made.  We share each other's lives and sadly, we share each other's deaths.   I still miss Barry Fraser who passed away over two years ago. 

I have followed Ginger's blog for a long time although I haven't been following anyone much since I shifted my attention to being under three-years-old.  Early on, I did not notice many mentions of Camillo in her blog -- some of us don't say too much about our spouses in our blogs.  But his presence grew in her blogs and I became fascinated with him.  I knew that I really like him when I saw a picture of him dressed in a fancy blue costume and flashy hat at a costume ball in Houston. 

I knew that Camillo must be someone very special if he could win the heart of someone with the intelligence of Ginger -- not to mention marrying someone 24 years younger!  Ginger and I sometimes emailed each other and there were times when she passed along some piece of advice or a comment from Camillo.  I was tempted to write him directly and now I sincerely regret that I never did so.

Camillo.  Until I read her post about him this morning, I knew none of the facts of his life.  But in the pictures Ginger posted of him, he was always smiling.  Always had a twinkle in his eye.  They travelled, they danced -- I admit that I've been inspired by Camillo.  At 67, I sometimes feel old.  I sometimes feel that there is not much more ahead for me.  Stupid, I know, but I sometimes feel that way.  And then I'd see a picture of Camillo and say to myself, "What a full and exciting life that old guy is having!" 

Even though he is gone now, he will always remain in my mind like a cattle  prod, poking me when I get lazy and depressed to seize the day.  

Even though I never knew him, I'd glad I knew him.  The magic of Blogspot.  And I am also glad that Ginger asked me to write something.  She is a very wise and beautiful woman.  She is understandably quiet now.  I know from my own experiences that grieving is a long and arduous process.  But I suspect that Camillo will also be prodding her toward her own unexpectedly rich future.  Like all of her friends, my love goes out to her.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Spotlight Photos: Self Portrait

One of the most difficult aspects of being a photographer is the concept of a 'self portrait'. I am more than a bit camera shy in that regards. However, it was exciting to see that all of our FMTSO participants were more than willing to move from behind the camera to introduce themselves. What wonderful compositions there were to choose from.

I love the contrasts in Jama's self-portrait between the shifting waves of the water and having her feet on solid ground. The blues and greens are perfection.

Pat, our Artful Diva, continues to mesmerize me with her creations. Pat portrays herself with a sense of confidence that makes me yearn to be like her, both as an artist and as a Diva extraordinaire.

Monica gave us an extraordinary glimpse of who she is while taking us on a tour of a local art museum. Monica far exceeds what she calls "the challenge in photography of finding new angles" in spite of her limited access to new 'subjects'. An inspiring photographer who leads by example.

Thank you everyone for participating and for sharing with us the wonderful self portraits. It is remarkable that although we come from varied and diverse places, we are fortunate to be able to join together and honor our individuality here on FMTSO.

Please be sure to check back later this week for a preview and a link to this week's theme: At Rest, At Play of Inbetween...share with us how you spend your time.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Self Portrait

Oh dear...
I am unprepared!
I just haven't had a minute to think about it this week. 
So I paged through photos looking for my reflection 
and this is the best I came up with.
I'm in the very center...
I know, pathetic. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spotlight Photos: Gravity at Play

As much fun as it would have been to participate in this challenge, I had even more fun knowing I had the good fortune to choose the Spotlight Photos.

Your interpretations were all over the board leading to a delightful set of photos on every post. (I apologize for not leaving any comments on your posts. I'm still recovering from tendinitis so I've had to put a lid on my usual long-winded comments.)

Several of you chose to photograph people challenging gravity's force.

Pauline's juggler was even more engaging when she added "focal zoom" to her photo.

One of Barb's dare devils flying high on his skateboard.

Others chose to let gravity do what it does best.

It was hard not to feel the force of Kim's rushing river.

Shiju's photo showed the fun of going with the flow of gravity.

Jama captured both gravity's pull and our irresistible urge to defy it.

Leovi's abstract is a beautiful photo of gravity frozen in time.

Thank you all for participating this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing how each of you introduces yourself using photos for next week's prompt: Self-Portraits.

Just shoot me now. Please.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gravity at Play

A waterdrop or a ball rolling down the street, see where you can find gravity at play.

Sorry if I am a little AWOL for a while. My daughter is getting married in December and things are getting a little stressful around here. I should be back in January ready to hit the ground running though! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

FSO Spotlight

Spotlight photos for Repetition

Once I got into the swing of it, I found this a great topic.  I guess we all find some topics to be quite difficult, depending on where we live.  If anyone found this one hard you wouldn't know it from looking at the posts.  

I decided I'd pick two repetitions in nature and two man made. 

Dawn Treader's rain drops

Cheryl's Canadian geese

Jama's underground walkway

 Barb's labryrinth

 But I have to give a special award to Kim, who, I think, was the only one of us to find a repetition in food. (Sorry if I missed anyone else who did that!)

So what's coming up this week?  Gravity at Play. 
A waterdrop or a ball rolling down the street, see where you can find gravity at play.

 Remember, "you can't blame gravity for falling in love."  Albert Einstein

Have a good week, everyone!