Monday, April 29, 2013

April 26th spotlight photos

what makes my mouth water.

While I am a long way from being a really good photographer, doing the spotlight post has added to my skills at identifying good shots.
When I first began I had no knowledge of rule of thirds, bokeh etc.
I was told to pick what appealed to me.
Now I realize I am looking at photos in a different way.
Thanks to Rebecca for her patient and exemplary way of introducing new skills to us. 

This week I spotlight

Jama's  great example of
The macro of the serving of brownie makes my mouth water as it draws my attention to the ingredients of the goodie.

I am not sure what rule this indicates but the position of Kara's sweet Joey in this photo makes me want to join in his laughter while playing with someone he cares for.
Maybe even kiss his sweet cheeks, if he would let me.
Very creative Kara

This shot of Jerilyn's lemon cookies applies to the rule of thirds, I think. 
Please correct me if I am wrong someone.
It give an asymmetrical look to the photo that catches the eye.

Of course anything chocolate catches the eye but I am working with another blog on photography
and this month we are looking at 
Ruth's shot demonstrates that to me.

Dawn Trender's shot of Lindl's chocolate
again shows the ingredients of the goodie which makes one's mouth water to look at it.
The composition has color, light, shading and texture.

Please, folks do not take my word for my explanations of these photos as gospel.

It only helps me in being able to verbalize why I like a photograph.

Next week our theme is machinery and Pauline you are up for spotlighting.

Peggy (QMM) 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spotlight Photos: Star Bursts

I've had more fun with this challenge than any of the others in 2013. You guys did a really fantastic job with star bursts. I'd never shot one because a billion years ago, I was taught to try to always shoot with the sun to my back. I wasn't even going to try this challenge until I started visiting your posts. I was so inspired by what you all did, I grabbed my cameras and went looking for good vantage points. My post is linked up and I'd be grateful for some help with an explanation of an odd effect in one of my shots.

Enough about me and my issues and on to your spotlight photos. I was going to choose one day and one night photo to showcase but there were just too many great shots to stick to two. My choices are based on the photo's composition as well as the quality of the star bursts.

I was enchanted by the wonder of Barb's desert photo.

I love all the colorful lights of Jama's bridge. The perspective she chose is spot on.

It was such a joy to see John aka Scriptor Senex back for the week. His night cityscape is crisp with such a wide range of light and shadow. I had to include another of his shots: delicate star bursts dancing on the hood and hood ornament of that beautiful Rolls Royce.

Thank you all for participating and working so hard on capturing those delightful stars. I'm looking forward to seeing your delicious foods from around the world next week for the Sweet Tooth challenge.

To the Spotlighters ~ here's a tip for handling photos that you aren't able to copy. You can take a screen shot of the page then crop out everything except the photo. That's how I was able to include Jama's photo this week.

Wishing you all a more peaceful time in the week ahead.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spotlight photos for the letter your town begins with

I'm glad I didn't think that was going to be easy.  I suspected that the variety of images that that topic generated might create a problem for me.

We covered a fair bit of the alphabet with the letters our towns begin with.

Just to pick a favourite from Dawn Treader 's bridges was a task in itself.  I finally decided on this image.  We don't get snow here where I live so I'm captivated by the winter wonderland.

Rebecca's imaginative use of F (or ph) for Philadelphia saved me from choosing two Ps.  I'd love to see her phriends shot.  Would it show an equally dedicated photographer getting down to get a great shot of her?

Cheryl's pelicans or her people of Pleasure Island?  I had so much trouble deciding.  As always it's a personal thing, I like shots of people when the subject is unaware.   And, as the subject looks a little elderly, the fog reminds me of the foggy state of mind that some elderly people (and also the not so elderly) sometimes find themselves.  Since Alzheimers claimed my best friend since childhood I often make connections that aren't really there.  As I said, it's a personal thing.

I had one more Spotlight photo but couldn't "lift" the image from Doreen's post, so here's the link.  If I hadn't enlarged it, I might have not paused so long at the side of Lawell's lake.  It really is worth the click:

There were some fantastic shots this week. You are an amazing group of photographers!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Letter Your Town Begins With

Abandoned in Ambler
This old factory site has recently been refurbished
and is no longer abandoned.

I've done some housekeeping 
by updating out Participants' List 
which now features your blog posts. 
If you are not in the list leave a message and I 
will get you added! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spotlight photos for April 6th.

I don't have to tell anyone how hard it is to pick out the spotlight photos.
I was told choose what appeals to you.
So here goes.

Kara's books and cups
 Books and a cuppa go together like love and marriage.
Love the colors in the books highlighting the whiteness of the cup.
Rebeccas's white tut comes to mind here.

ChefE's little girl
ChefE's photo gives me hope for the future

Pauline's relaxing in the outdoors with a good book.

 The colors of the wrap give the feeling of warmth and comfort.
That is what we all read for.
Just read God's and Generals by Jeff Shaara.
Getting ready to order 
The Last Full Measure by
Jeff Shaara.

Happy Reading


Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have been waiting for this theme. 
I wrote the post on my blog weeks ago 
saving it for today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spotlight Photos: Through Glass

I'm not sure why I continue to stay on the roster to select the spotlight photos. Each time it's my turn in the barrel, I hem and I haw and have a number of 'Bagman and Butleresque' internal debates about what to include in the spotlight. Quite frankly, I'd like to showcase one photo from each of your posts because you all put so much care into finding and capturing images that illustrate the theme.

This week, I finally went completely off the rails. I usually strictly adhere to the theme when I make my choices. For some reason, the photos I think belong here, the ones where the frame of the glass is clearly visible and the subject beyond is strikingly clear, are not the ones I chose.

The first time through, I barely gave Jama's gorilla a glance. When I took a second look, I noticed the reflection of the woman in the lower right. The eyes of the gorilla are an incredible, clear blue while the woman's eyes are in deep shadow. Though neither is looking at the other, both of them look unspeakable sad.

From what Pauline wrote and the comments folks left, it was obvious the irony of her double-exposure was not lost on anyone. The building looks almost other-worldly when it's clearly the free-floating window that's the mystery.

As an over-thinker, I thoroughly enjoyed Ginger's trip down the rabbit hole. Everything we photograph is through glass and mirrors, upside down and backwards. I wanted to dive into this photo and spend a bit of time under that tree.

Thank you all so much for participating this week. I can't wait to see your 'Books' next week.